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Electric scooter fix near Cardiff.

We repair and fix your electric scooter same-day.

How can we help you to fix your puncture?

Most electric scooters use pneumatic tyres, which are filled with air and have an inner tube. This type of tyre provides a comfortable ride, as it can absorb bumps and vibrations in the road. However, pneumatic tyres are also more susceptible to punctures.. Most popular scooters use this type for example Xiaomi, Pure electric, Kaabo, Kugoo, Riley, Aovo, Niu and more.

Some electric scooters, such as those made by Xiaomi and Pure, can be fitted with solid tyres. Solid tyres are made of a solid rubber compound and do not have an inner tube. This makes them puncture-proof, but they also provide a less comfortable ride.

We sell solid tyres for the wheel sizes 8 1/2x2 and 10x2.125. These sizes are compatible with many popular scooters, including Xiaomi and Pure Air.

We have in stock for 200x50, 8 1/2x2, 10x2.125, 10x2.25, 10x2.5, 10x2.5-6.5, 80/60-6, 80/65-6,

Other scooters use tubeless tyres, these do not have an inner tube. Instead, they have a special valve that helps to seal the rim so the tyre can keep the air. Some of them are kugoo g2 pro, pure air3, xiaomi pro 4, solar p1 pro.

We have in stock for 10x2.5-6.5, 255x80, 80/60-6, 80/65-6, 90/60-6.5, 80/60-6.5.

How do we diagnose and fix electrical issues?

Electrical issues in electric scooters are often caused by water damage. As most scooters are not waterproof, the best way to prevent this is to avoid using your electric scooter when the road is wet or it is raining.

Some scooters have an IPX4 rating, which means they are only splash-proof. This is not sufficient protection from rain, and you should not use a scooter with an IPX4 rating in wet conditions.

For use in rain, you should look for a scooter with an IPX5 rating or higher. This means that the scooter is protected from water jets from any direction. However, even with a higher rating, water damage is still possible, so it is important to take precautions.

Here are some tips for preventing water damage to your electric scooter:

Do not ride your scooter in wet conditions.
If you must ride in wet conditions, avoid riding through puddles or other bodies of water.
Dry your scooter thoroughly after riding in wet conditions.
Store your scooter in a dry, well-ventilated area.

By following these tips, you can help to protect your electric scooter from water damage and extend its lifespan.

Depending on the symptoms you describe, we will approach the repair in different ways.

If the scooter is beeping and/or displaying an error code, we may only need to replace the brake lever, throttle, or electric motor.
If the scooter isn't working at all and there is no error code or beeping, we will check the controller and display to see if there is a problem with either of them.
If the scooter does not turn on, we will check the battery, controller, and display.
If the scooter is not charging or the battery is not showing on the display, the best approach is to check if a new battery will solve the issue or if the controller is damaged.

Prices will vary depending on the scooter. For popular scooters like Xiaomi, parts and labour will start at £25 to £200.

There is a £10 diagnostic fee that is only applied if you decide not to fix the scooter after a final quote is given.

How can we help to fix body damage?

The most common structural issues with electric scooters occur in the folding mechanism. The stem or pole may need to be replaced if it becomes loose or wobbly.

On Xiaomi scooters and copies, it is possible to replace a pin that holds a hook to keep the folding mechanism locked. Another common issue is the joint between the folding mechanism and the pole. In this case, both parts will need to be replaced.

The cost of repairing these issues ranges from £20 to £50.

On Pure Air scooters, there is a bolt that holds the folding mechanism to the front fork. If this bolt becomes loose, it is possible to tighten it again. However, this requires removing the front wheel and the communication cable from the display and brake line. This can be a time-consuming process, but it is possible to tighten the bolt and restore the scooter to its original condition.

The cost of this service is £25.